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General conditions of sale of Cross-Training-Gurp represented by SANCHEZ Jean-Patrick, auto-entrepreneur (SIRET: 828 512 533 00013, professional card: 03301ED0266, RC Pro: MMA PRO-PME n ° 146811188) whose head office is located in Grayan.



These general conditions are intended to define the terms of sale between the auto-entrepreneur SANCHEZ Jean-Patrick and you, the Member.



The Services offered by Cross-Training-Gurp are collective outdoor cross-training sessions of 1 hour, supervised by a qualified sports educator. In the event of severe weather, a fallback location can be offered (gymnasium, courtyard, etc.).

Cross-training-Gurp offers several methods of subscription to the Services:

  • Single sessions.

  • Packages of 10 sessions.

  • Subscription formulas with unlimited access to the Services for one or two sessions per week, excluding school holidays, from September for a total of 36 guaranteed weeks. Any session not consumed is considered lost and is neither refundable nor transferable as a future session.



Sessions purchased individually or as a package are personal and non-transferable. They are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Annual subscriptions are personal and non-transferable. They are valid for one year from the effective date of the contract.


In accordance with articles L112-1 and L112-2 of the Consumer Code, Cross-Training-Gurp undertakes to display its prices on the website:

As a reminder :

  • The unit session is 10 €.

  • The package of 10 sessions is at 80 €.

  • The unlimited annual subscription of 1 session per week (excluding school holidays, i.e. 36 weeks guaranteed) is €250.

  • The unlimited annual subscription of 2 sessions per week (excluding school holidays, i.e. 36 weeks guaranteed) is €430.


The subscription to the contract implies for the Member the obligation to pay the price indicated. Upon signing these T&Cs, the Subscriber will pay for their subscription as follows:

  • In the case of a single session or a package of 10 sessions, the Subscriber will pay the full commitment immediately, on the day of the subscription of the contract, by any means at his convenience. (cheque, bank transfer).

  • In the case of a subscription with an annual commitment, the Member may pay in several installments. The Member will pay the first installment immediately, on the day of subscription to the contract, by any means at their convenience (cheque, bank transfer) then the other two in the 2nd and 3rd months of the subscription.



The days and times of the sessions are available on the

Cross-Training-Gurp guarantees its sessions over 36 weeks and reserves the right to modify schedules and time slots for exceptional reasons (weather, force majeure...).

Cross-Training-Gurp undertakes to notify the Member of any change as soon as possible before the application of the new measures.



The Member declares during the present subscription and under his responsibility, to have consulted a doctor, and that on the date of the subscription of the contract, no contraindication is made to him as to the sports practice proposed by Cross -Training-Gurp.

In the context of medical restrictions, it is up to the Member to inform the sports educator, who, in compliance with medical secrecy, will establish a specifically adapted program.



The Subscriber must wear correct and clean sportswear for the practice of sports activities. The Member must take all necessary precautions for their health, safety and hygiene and comply with the instructions of the Sports Educator in this regard. Without prejudice to what follows, SANCHEZ Jean-Patrick may, without notice or compensation of any kind, exclude or even terminate the contract of any Member whose attitude or behavior is contrary to good morals, or notoriously embarrassing, unacceptable or dangerous to himself or others.



The Sports Educator is insured for damages engaging his civil liability. The responsibility of the latter cannot be sought in the event of an accident resulting from the Member's failure to observe the safety instructions or the inappropriate use of the equipment.

In addition, the Member declares that he has a personal Civil Liability insurance policy covering him for any damage he may cause to third parties on his own account during the exercise of the activities offered by Cross-Training-Gurp.



The non-use by the Member of lessons at the session does not give rise to the right to reimbursement or extension beyond the validity date.

For annual subscription formulas, the extension of the duration of the contract is possible without additional cost if the Subscriber is temporarily prevented (over a period of between 1 month and 12 months) from benefiting from the Services. of Cross-Training-Gurp for reasons beyond their control (illness, injury, pregnancy, business trip, job loss, etc.). The request for extension of expiry will be sent by the Member to Cross-Training-Gurp by simple mail or email accompanied by a medical certificate or professional proof. The extension will take effect at the end of a 30-day notice period starting from the receipt of the extension request. During the notice period, the monthly contributions are due and deducted on the dates defined when joining. They are non-refundable.

The temporary impediment lasting more than 12 months will be considered as a permanent impediment, and will give rise to the right to termination under the conditions of Article XI.



Packages of 10 sessions are neither refundable nor cancellable in advance.

Only annual subscriptions may be subject to early termination if the Member is permanently prevented from benefiting from the services of Cross-Training-Gurp for one of the following cases of force majeure:

  • Health reasons.

  • Moving.

  • Mutation within a radius greater than 50 km from GRAYAN.

 The termination request must be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. After regularization of any unpaid bills, the termination will take effect at the end of a 60-day notice period starting from the receipt of the termination request.


Cross-Training-Gurp may terminate the Contract in the following cases:

  • In the event of non-compliance with the rules of procedure by the Member.

  • In the event of a payment incident, it being specified that a first payment incident gives rise to the suspension of the contract until regularization.

In these different cases, the termination will take effect immediately. The current due date cannot be the subject of a request for reimbursement by the Member. The Member will also be liable for the months remaining until the end of his commitment.

However, if the termination decision pronounced by Cross-Training-Gurp does not suit the Member, he/she has the possibility of resorting to mediation in accordance with article L 612-1 of the Code of the consumption.



During the sessions, photos and videos may be taken for commercial communication purposes, in particular on the,  on the social networks used by Cross-Training-Gurp (Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok), and more widely on all commercial media (flyers, posters...).

If the Subscriber does not wish to appear in these images, he/she is required to expressly inform SANCHEZ Jean-Patrick when signing the contract or during the sessions where the shots will be taken. In this case, he/she is assured that he/she will not appear in the images.

Cross-Training-Gurp undertakes not to transfer the images referred to to third parties without the written authorization of the Member.



The logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts contained on the are the intellectual property of SANCHEZ Jean-Patrick and may not be reproduced, used or represented without the express authorization of SANCHEZ Jean-Patrick, under penalty of legal proceedings. The use of these intellectual property elements by the Member is strictly reserved for private and personal use within the framework and for the duration of the service provided by Cross-Training-Gurp. Any other use by the Member is prohibited without the authorization of SANCHEZ Jean-Patrick. In particular, the Member is prohibited from modifying, copying, reproducing, downloading, broadcasting, transmitting, commercially exploiting and/or distributing and/or using in any way whatsoever the videos of the disciplines, the pages of the  or any element forming part of the



These general conditions are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with French law, the language of interpretation being the French language in the event of a dispute over the meaning of a term or a provision of these general conditions. Only the French courts are competent in the judicial treatment of disputes.

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